Winter Macaulay Culkin Chick

With different seasons come different priorities and concerns. While summer skincare is all about sun protection and oil control, fall brings its own challenges; repairing the damage you did during all that summer fun, while keeping your delicate skin protected from the drier, cooler fall air and prepared for the colder, harsher months ahead.

  1. Exfoliate. While all that fun in the sun might have given you a beautiful summer glow, towards the end of the season all of that sun damage can lead to dead cell build up. This can cause your skin to feel rough and appear dull. Exfoliation is crucial to maintaining that healthy fresh faced glow. Be sure to work it into your routine at least 2-3 times a week to get rid of any dead skin buildup.
  2. Don’t forget SPF! Just because the days are shorter and the sun’s rays are less intense, you shouldn’t skip sunscreen in the fall. Sun damage can happen even when there’s cloud cover! So make sure to cover your face, neck, hands, and any other exposed areas with at least SPF 15 to prevent UV damage.
  3. Moisturize. While in the summer months a lightweight moisturizer does the trick and keeps shine at bay, the winter months are much drier. Since there isn’t as much humidity in the air your skin is crying out for that moisture it’s losing. Consider adding a few drops of serum to your regular moisturizer. Serums repair, nourish and moisturize your skin, which is exactly what your skin needs after all those months in the harsh sun. 
  4. Hand salve and cuticle oil;  your best winter ally. Don’t forget to take care of those hands. Premature aging begins with your hands and neck. Keeping your hands properly moisturized will not only keep them youthful but keep your nails and cuticles healthy. Those fabulous vampy winter manicures begin with great nails!
  5. Stay away from hot showers. Although a hot shower sounds heavenly in the chilly fall and winter months, it can actually strip your skin of oil and leave it feeling parched and scaly. Keep your showers as short as possible and stick to a warmer temperature instead of scalding hot water. Your skin will thank you.
  6. Keep up with your pedicures. Pedicure season might be over but after a summer of sand, salt water and open-toed sandals your feet are drier than ever. Apply a moisturizing foot cream nightly and put on socks to lock in that moisture. In the morning your feet will be hydrated and refreshed. Also try squeezing in a DIY home pedicure at least once every 6 weeks. This will keep your feet maintained for the next pedicure season.